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Hyderabadescortsagency.org provides an escort service in Hyderabade in India.

Sorry, I have nothing more in-depth to say to describe this website, as there is nothing more in-depth on this website.

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What We thought of Multi Hyderabad escorts service Overall:

Hyderabadescortsagency.org redirects to royalagency.co.in. On their home page they have a write up of their business and service promises. Hyderabadescortsagency website URL is 10 months old, and royalagency is 2yrs 6months old… This is a terrible sign. This website has been active quite a while, yet they have absolutely 0 content aside for them talking themselves up, on the home page.

What do you find when you click on their ‘Gallery’ link? “coming soon”. What do you find when you click on their ‘Rates’ link? “coming soon”. This is pathetic for a website that’s this old. This is pathetic for a website trying to get a review. This is pathetic for a website that’s indexed! This website needs a shit load more work before it should be shown to anyone!


What do the webmasters expect to gain from this? They have nothing except one page of content, and that content is bullshit. I’m not usually so much of a prick when it comes to my reviews, but this has to be some kind of joke! I had more in-depth content on an English assignments in 5th grade.

What good is this website to anyone? Sure it has their phone number on the home page. Big fucking deal, you can get this from any directory (IE Yellow pages, or the Indian equivalent).


A Little About Multi Hyderabad escorts service:

I’m not going to put much more effort into this review, as these people have put almost no effort whatsoever in this website in the time it has been active. Beside, what am I going to review? Their home page? Ok , sure. Their home page is shit. They have a half dozen links all leading to the same place…the fucking home page! What’s the point of that? Internal links leading to the same page the link is on will gain them no clout with Google, and is useless to the people they are meant to be targeting, their customers! This is just moronic, and crazy for them to think this website is ready for review. I understand they have submitted their site to gain a link from my site to theirs, as is evident by the 4370 external backlinks leading to Hyderabadescortsagency. All these people seem to care about is getting links, and not their product, their website, or their future.


Why am I giving them this link? Because it’s worthless. Ever since the penguin update, unique content is worth more than a 100,000 times what a link is worth. Besides, no amount of weight from links will fix this website. I’m also doing this so there is, at the very least, one honest negative review for this piece of crap.


In Conclusion: This website gets the very first 0 star ranking I have given. I have seen a lot of bad websites, and have given plenty of 1 star rankings. But no one has ever sent me a website that is empty aside from a assuredly false 700 word self written review of their services…

I’m not saying their service isn’t great. I’m not saying they aren’t popular in India (I doubt it though). What I’m saying is that their website is as worthless to the customer as a piece of paper with just a phone number and nothing else written on it.


By the way, Hyderabadescortsagency, I’m shortening the title you wrote for this review. The purpose of a title isn’t to type Hyderabad Escorts in as many different ways as you can. This isn’t a meta tag. Learn some SEO if you plan on doing this crap.

Also, you don’t have an RSS Feed…You do realise what the name of this website (Adultrss) implies, right? Because of this I have also changed the category you have submitted yourself into, from ‘AdultRSS News’ (that would have been the wrong category, even if you did have an RSS!) to ‘No RSS’.


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