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If you want to know about bondage then this site is for you from beginners to professionals stay up to date with the latest. (the webmaster wrote to us to correct our review please see what she wrote) Editors Note: is a dark and mysterious place of pain and pleasure. This no ordinary dungeon. Jolynnraymond is a sex blog helping you understand and enjoy some of the hidden secrets of the bondage industry. This website has dozens of committed bondage lovers writing articles to help you understand and participate in the wonderful world of bondage.jolynn raymond Dark Obssessions

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I wanted to correct some details that you have up about my wife’s website. First off, the site is more about BDSM, Domestic Discipline, and power exchange relationships, my wife as a kink educator and her articles to help people, and off the wall posts by myself. It started out as a site for her books that she writes and now I need to make a different one just for that. The webmaster is not JD, since I do all her website work. You can contact me to discuss anything else that you might have questions about.

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Quality article written to help you understand and learn about bondage as a discipline.


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With over 50 authors, this website is a trusted and in-depth look at the world of bondage. If you want to know what the newest and greatest sex toy is, or what the best knots are for tying down your sexual victims, or just want to read about other peoples sexual dungeon exploits, is the first step of a new and terrific journey through the deep dark dungeons of your dark obsessions.


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