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Our Malaysian Girls Escort Service provides wide range of finest Asian girls from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodian, China, Korea, and Russian, in KL and PJ. Incall and outcall available. Call John Mobile number +601126008088 to reserve your desired sweetheart in advance, to ensure your time is secured for you only. There’re 6 different location, all hotels with clean and comfortable rooms for you to enjoy your session with our finest girls.

Webmasters Own Score:5 Star (more likely a 2)

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Our Review Of KL PJ Malaysia Girls Escort Service And Feed

Girls Escort Service
Girls Escort Service

While we cant really comment on the awesomeness of the service we will comment on the feed and the site. Because that’s what we do.  So for a start this feed is the standard word press fare correctly formatted etc etc. What we liked about it was that the girls were listed so when you want to know about a new girl and she goes on the site then you will know. For the Life of me I do not know why our other escort submission don’t do the same for me it’s a no brainer. If I was into escort services and I am from time to time then this is a must have. The site is good and reasonably fast loading so all in all it seems like the business if you are wanting some KL poontang we have given this 2 stars which is quiet good for a escort site.

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