Lingerie Clad Ladies

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Have you ever heard someone saying “they look better with clothes on” or “Leave something to the imagination”? What people are referring to is lingerie and/or sexy clothing, costumes.
Let me be honest, If a women wants to take her clothes off anyway near me, she is more than welcome to do so, and I will just sit there until called upon. But, that being said, if I had a choice, or better control over the things that happen in my life, women wouldn’t be simply undressing themselves around me (happens as often as Ice Ages come and go), they would only be stripping down to some sexy lingerie. I see lingerie as not only something to cover up some skin allowing my fickle imagination to try and impress me, but also as a kind of body jewelry or art. It takes the empty canvas (a beautiful canvass, to be sure) and adorns it with fetishes, inducing a fetish craving of my own.

Lingerie Clad Ladies

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There is a reason women look amazing in dresses, skirts, mini pants and all of the other sexy clothing they walk around in, and that is because it accentuates their figure, making it much more appeal to the eye. Again, I can’t state how little I would care about a women being completely naked in front of me, lingerie would just be a bonus.


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