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A Little About This Los Angeles Website Designer :  Black Pixel Graphics offers professional layout and excellent design services. My work is most often described as clean and well-targeted. I have developed long-lasting relationships with my clients due to my ability to listen carefully to their needs. This is quiet an accurate description that describes this site sadly its not really totally targeted to adult and we review adult sites but it was submitted and if you want to read about a web designers site then read on.Los Angeles Website Designer

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Feed Test Results & Last 5 Items Los Angeles Website Designer | Graphic Gesigner | Photographer

I tested this feed and it only had one item on it a really new site the feed location gave an error so we went and found the working feed so please find minimal output below. It seems to be a new site so only has title on it. But it has plenty of nice looking designs but not much if any nudity or porn.

[rss feed=”http://blackpixel.net/blog/feed/” num=”5″ excerpt=”false”/]

What We thought This Los Angeles Website Designer :

So not being a porn site we really had nothing to go off so we had to broaden my horizons and look outside the box. We have only given this site a two star rating because it was not targeted to our visitors, IE it had no porn. But the site was a nice site so we are happy to do a review to advertise them and hopefully they get some business. But unless you really want to stay updated with a graphic design update then there is no reason whatsoever to sign up to this feed.


Webmaster Name: Moshe (More edan)
Site Hosting Country: United States
Web: http://blackpixel.net/
Short Words To describe Site: Los Angeles Website Designer | Graphic Gesigner | Photographer

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