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If you are an adult sex toys shopper than you need to stay abreast of all the new toys that are being released. We have the perfect place for you to do just that they have multiple rss feed that allow you to join any or all of them to stay up with news, latest , best selling or just join a category they pretty much have a feed for everything. In fact if you want a feed for clit toys then there’s one there for that to.The Love shop

To get a super specific feed all you do is search the item and at the top of the search results is a rss feed that is specific for that search. I am not sure how it all works but it is pretty amazing and must of taken some pretty hefty programming. The website seems to mainly target Australian customers even though it is a .com and they have thousands of products in their feed.

The Love shop Awesome Adult rss feed:

The Love shop RSS Feed Low Down:

The love shop has a great variety of awesome products that are constantly getting updated. We are proud of our range and hope that you really enjoy our constantly updated rss feed. If you are in Australia and want a variety of new products then our site is for you.

Heres The Feeds List

  • Recent News
  • New Products
  • Popular Products
  • Featured Products
  • Product Searches : Product search feeds allow you to save your custom product searches as syndication feed that will always update when there are new results.To create a product search feed, perform a standard search on The Love Shop and at the bottom of the page click on one of the syndication options.


Webmaster Name: Sam
Site Hosting Country: Australia
Short Words To describe Site: sex toys , adult shop , adult shopping , sextoy


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