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Cerita Seks lucah teruk melayu gambar bogel dan video lucah melayu download

Editors Note: If you love Indonesian and Malaysian actresses as much as I do, you will love Melayu Bogel. This website is dedicated to finding all of those embarrassing and revealing photos on the red carpet, finding the sexiest porn stars, and hunting down those inevitable nip-slips and panty shots. If you’re a pervert (read: Male) then you should enjoy this website as much as me.Melayu bogel

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What We thought of Melayu bogel Overall: There are a few things I don’t like about this website. I don’t like the layout as it’s just article titles and a small description of the article. There are no photos anywhere on the home page, making it kind of boring. It also makes it harder to tell if you like the content within the article, unless you know the name of the actress in the title. If you’re terrible with names like I am, this means I have to go into every article to find a lady I like. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going through them, but it is kind of a waste of time.

The main problem with this website is the lack of nudity. All the revealing pictures are blurred, and the mass majority of the pictures would be tame compared to a Miley Cyrus concert. However, they do have links at the bottom of the articles leading you to the websites were you can view them uncensored. I guess this allows their website to be safe to view at an internet cafe, but not naughty enough for me to go to at home.


A Little About Melayu bogel : 

So, I find myself using this website as a kind of directory to find the “real” websites with this content. Sure, google could probably bring me the same results, but again, I am bad with names making a google search like trying to find a fish in an ocean. For the time being I will keep using this website as my Indo Malaysian naughty celebrity directory, or at least until I find a better one.

I can hear you saying “Dude, I can’t read this website, it’s in Malay!”, and to you people I say “Dude, this is the fucking internet…put the website URL into google translate…it will translate the entire page. Seriously, guys, I mean, come on!”.


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