Mr Skin has your nude celebrities covered

MR Skin does the job.

Mr Skin has an awesome variety of new stories recycled from around the net not to mention freshly created content that will make your willy water. This website is a great way to watch your celebrities in the nude and enjoy any and all of their

Our new website layout allows you to sort our featured updates by categories like Playlists, Original Videos, Blog Posts and Pic/Clip Updates. All updates are displayed in order of update from most recent.

We cover all the main celebrities comprehensively sticking with a very specific coverage our celebrity must be nude or semi nude to make it onto our blog. So if you are looking for something different then MR Skin does the job.

Webmasters Own Score:5 Star (oh yes mr skin 6 for you)

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Our Review Of Mr Skin Website And Feed

What can I say the feed is fantastic the website is fantastic and if you want to stay up to date with nude celebrities then you need to sign up to this website it easily makes the 5 stars plus plus not sure what else we can say other than do yourself a favor and sign up to this feed. They comprehensively cover in depth their one core focus and that is celebrity nudity which as we know from our stats is a very popular search topic online. million of of internet searches want to se the likes of brad pit and Jenifer Aniston naked or as close to naked as possible and tats where Mr Skin comes in. They have a very dedicated editorial team or so it seems and their content is top notch full 5stars from us.

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