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A Little About : :Masturbation is a subject that many people still don’t know a lot about. Check out for tips, techniques and toys to help you achieve get orgasms during masturbation. Well this webmaster has provided the slightest effort in her description, it looks like the site pretty much covers these subjects as well as quiet a few others.Online Adult Guide Adult rss feed:  Online Adult Guide Feed Test And Last 5 Items

We tested the feed and it seems well formed enough and has different titles and is pretty much a standard wordpress feed. Which gives you access to all the Online Adult Guide articles many of which would not interest you.

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What We thought of Online Adult Guide :

So What did we think of this site well some of the reviews seemed genuine particularly for the sex toys the site itself wasn’t really our cup of tea not enough porn or hardcore anything, but it looks like the owner did take their time, built on wordpress it loaded reasonably well. We are giving it 2 and a half stars because some of the content wasn’t that good, comes from other sources . We also have taken of the half star because the webmaster didn’t really put in much effort with her submission. Now as an Online Adult Guide it pretty much lives up to its offer but not so much as a site that needed to be visited everyday. You could probably go there for some reviews but I suspect they are just to earn affiliate income, which I can’t fault the guy after all why else would you be running a review website other then to earn some cash. Oops wait this is a review website, but in most cases we aren’t getting paid .

Webmaster Name: Karen foster
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: The sex trend

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