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A Little About online adult store : provides high-quality yet affordable sex toys and adult products online for men and women alike. We are a one-stop-shop online adult store and we offer a wide range of sex toys that are guaranteed to deliver sexual pleasures and gratification. Some of the products we offer are bondage gears, anal toys, cock rings, dildos, rabbit vibrators and lubricants among adult store

In our opinion this webmaster has covered everything this website has to offer in a simple line. Because there’s not much sex here plenty of products we will save you reading the full review , nothing special with this site a standard sex toy shop, but if you are in the US might be worth reading on for our thoughts outside the US don’t bother there is a standard
48 us dollar shipping charge.

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While we had trouble finding this rss feed , we looked everywhere , the bloody webmaster submitted without, so we are scoring low for this reason alone, Its a bloody adultrss ranking site please submit a feed with your article it waste everybody’s time. The feed shows sex toy reviews best we could do sorry.

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What We thought of online adult store Overall:

Now for our site review, yes the site is a sex toy shop loads fast and all that the problem is, it looks like one of those affiliate sites or cookie cutter, I can’t prove it though, as a sex shop we would probably scored a 3 but because this webmaster couldn’t even being bothered submitting a rss feed we are knocking of a shitload of stars so we are scoring a 1 1/2 stars for this. If they cant read our simple instructions what chance do you have to get your order on time. Please read our submission guideliness.


Webmaster Name: Maria Williamson
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: online adult store, bondage gears,

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