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Editors Note: Perfect sex stories provides exactly what the name implies. This site has an incredible list of sex stories for you to choose from. These stories aren’t exactly novels, but my god, how long does it take to turn you on? These short stories will do what penis pills and penis pumps have attempted to do for generations, give you a rock solid boner/lady boner.


If you like to read (who doesn’t, seriously?), enjoy masturbating (again, who doesn’t?), and enjoy free content, then this website will hit a home run in your pants!

These short stories come from all walks of life. So if you have a particular fantasy you wish to read about, or a certain niche of lust that you fall into, then this website is sure to have an article that will get your gonads tingling (yes, women also have gonads).


With over 1000 stories to be viewed for free, you can put away the kindle and start to hound your way through this mountain of erotica. The best way to handle such a dauntingly momentous task is to knuckle down, add some spit, and get to work.

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What We thought of Perfect sex stories Overall:

I love reading about sex in books. I have mused that this may be because of my current lack of sexual experiences in life. I also think it may be because of my ingrained need to be naughty. However, I like to believe, and tell myself this all the time, that I simply enjoy reading about happy/pleasurable experiences, however fictional they may be…


You can submit your own sexual experiences or fictional erotica to Perfectsextories to get your stuff out there. If there is a platform you need for your content, this is a really good one.


The articles on this site are about 2000+ words. Just enough to get you hot under the collar and bring you to the brink of climax.


A Little About Perfect sex stories :

The website seems to work without a fault. The articles are of good quality, ignoring the few grammatical errors due to the authors not being a native English speaker (I’m a native English speaker, and still have trouble).

The website isn’t particularly visually appealing, which is a shame. But perhaps the eye candy would distract too much from the content.


In conclusion: I haven’t come across any broken links on this website, and all of the articles seem to be of good quality. There is one thing I hate about this site, and that’s the advertisement. There is a pop up ad on the bottom of the screen that you can’t close. I understand this is how you make a living, but my god, at least let me close it if I don’t want to go to your shitty affiliate websites…that may have been a bit harsh…


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