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POV stands for Point Of View. POV pornography is quickly gaining popularity in the internet medium. And why shouldn’t it? The internet is all about imagination. You pretend you’re someone you’re not, either through video games, social networks, or dating sites. So why not take it into the bedroom as well.

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POV Fu and Games At XHamster

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POV allows you to sit back and imagine yourself looking down at the cute girl sucking on your cock. Because of the camera angle, you pretend you are the lucky bloke banging the girl in the video, it is as if you are looking through his eyes. This makes pretending you are getting a hand job from the sexy stranger on the computer monitor, a bazillion times easier. Helping you enjoy your orgasms more than you ever could with a magazine.

Who knows, you just might find a girl who looks just like your ex-girlfriend, who left you un-expectantly ,and didn’t even give you a goodbye fuck. Well, now you can hunt down her look alike and pound away. Better than stalking her, yes? And this way you can do all those dirty things she wouldn’t let you do, every night.


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Or you can sit back and watch a sexy teen masturbate to the camera and seemingly looking directly into your eyes. You can pretend it is a video call from a stranger who wants to have some sexy fun.

XHamster.com doesn’t want you to miss a single second of your personal play time. SO instead of making you go through creating an account and entering in details and shit like that, they give it all to you for free. That way you don’t loose your boner, and you get to enjoy mountains of free porn, streaming straight to your browser! We love you XHamster, but no time to talk, I have porn to watch.

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