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Welcome to Private Fantasy, the Home of BEST PORN VIDEOS. Our site is dedicated to all you porno lovers out there. We know you want tits and ass.

Private Fantasy

Editors Note:

Private Fantasy is a website that brings to you a large collection of pornographic videos. They have videos that you will find it hard to find anywhere else. Their content is vast and free for you to view. They require no credit card or login details.

If you want a free place to come and enjoy some of your private fantasies, then this is the site you have been looking for.


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What We thought of BIG TITS&ASS – BEST PORN VIDEOS Overall:

Private Fantasy is a no-nonsense website. They don’t stuff you around with fake play buttons, intrusive advertisement, or link redirects. They don’t want your credit card or email address, for you to view the material.

They don’t have much of a description for their videos, but when it comes to porn, there isn’t much info you need. That said, it would be nice to have a little more info about the actors/actresses in the videos, so that you do further, ahem, research regarding the star that has caught your eye.


There are literally thousands of videos to choose from (I estimate about 9,100). They have dozens of categories in a large range of different fantasies. If you can’t find something you like here, then you aren’t looking at your computer screen.


A Little About Private Fantasy BIG TITS&ASS – BEST PORN VIDEOS : 

This website is easy to navigate, although, the search bar can be a little useless if you’re looking for a specific actor/actress. The website design is very simple and looks nice.

I haven’t come across any advertisement (there is nothing wrong with advertisement, as long as it’s relevant and non-intrusive. I haven’t come across any redirects trying to forward me to another website to view the content. I haven’t come across any broken videos or links.


This website has a lot of good content. The only way it could improve is to increase it’s descriptions to include more info about the people starring in them, the production company, and some meta tags including this info. This will make searching for particular videos easier; and easier to identify the person you have just developed a crush on, during the time of watching the video.

Aside from that, I really like this website. They’re a porn video hosting site, and they do it well. If they start to get more traffic, and the community increases, I’m sure it will be up there among the top dogs.


Conclusion: I wanted to give this website a 5 star, as they do what they do well. But there’s still room for improvement, so they get a very respectable 4 star rating.


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