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Procrastination Central Ebaumsworld is the perfect place for you to go to procrastinate, as they have some of the most amazing and entertaining content on their website that I have ever seen. This website is here to make your complex brain be content with doing as little as possible, and it is damn enjoyable. You can spend weeks going through the videos and content on this website, and still be addicted to it, thanks to the thousands, dare I say, millions of subscribers who constantly post new content on this wProcrastination Central Ebaumsworldebsite, keeping it fresh.

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At you can find some incredible things, such as, a live video feed from a wild eagles nest, you heard me, you can watch an eagle living out its life, in real time, right from the comfort of your swivel chair.
You can watch amazing videos of astronauts performing experiments inside the International Space Station. You can watch a time lapse of the camera on the ISS as it zooms around the planet at 28,000kmph. provides a place for you to go to get your comedy fix, to watch confrontations, and see the beauty of nature. They have videos of sporting highlights, animals doing funny and stupid things, tigers being fed, people fails and wins, and much, much more. The best thing to do is just follow one of the links on this RSS that appeals to you, then slowly dig yourself further and further into the website, and before you know it, it will be 4am. Procrastination complete.


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Editors Note: I love this website. They keep me entertained no matter how bored or depressed (read: Drunk) I am. Their RSS is simple, just 15 of their latest featured media. Each Link has a picture, a small description, and the release date. Most RSS feeds miss these few simple points.

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