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Editors Note: seems to be a link directory for adult related material. I cam across some adult articles, these articles can anything from basic information to a story of some ones life. These articles can be interesting, but it’s harRedporny - Free adult directoryd to just browse the articles on the site, because there isn’t exactly an articles section. don’t have videos on their website, from what i can tell, but they do have reviews and links leading to porn sites that do. This is a needed service as the internet is flooded with porn, with no quality control it can be hard to find anything that interests you. With a link directory like this one reviewing websites, assuming they are completely unbiased, can help keep the quality of pornography in your circle leap to a higher standard.

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Here’s Extra Redporny – Free adult directory Feed Information: have about 145 categories, which is definitely over kill (145? You have got to be kidding me. Who wants to go through 145 of anything?). A relatively large portion of those categories don’t have any content in them yet, and their largest category (Asian) has only 39 items, leading me to believe that this is a fairly new website. If this is a new site then some leeway is to be given, but some steps need to be taken, in my humble opinion.

Rather than having 145 categories, they should generalise it a lot more, then have an advanced searched option link up with their meta tags to prevent having a shit ton of categories. I would have ranked this site much higher if there was a separate section for articles and video reviews, as this makes it almost impossible to browse your article selection without getting a headache.


A Little About Redporny – Free adult directory :

So, Redporny, if you’re reading this take note: Less categories; segregate content (separate articles and video reviews), perhaps you could put the video review category on the far left of your page, and have a preview of the most recent articles on the centre of the homepage, with a drop down menu at the top of your page offering a link to the category for the older articles; with clean meta tags you hardly need categories at all, someone can type the video title, an actor/actress, or simply ‘Asian’ into the search bar and should receive similar results to the ‘Asian’ category, only allowing for a more advanced search.


Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, and is worth only as much as you give it. With time they may shine bright like a diamond (diamonds refract light, they don’t shine).

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