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What We thought of Scandal Leaks Overall:

Scandal Leaks looked bloody awesome when I first came across it. I was really looking forward to looking at the Selena Gomez pictures…that I’m sure were of a respectable nature. However, things didn’t quite work out as I had hoped.


After reading the “article” (it was a few lines) suggesting that they posses photos leak from a mobile phone containing some naughty photos of either Selena Gomez…or a look a like. Genius.

So I, of course, drop what I was doing (I was eating…I dropped my sandwich, bad move), swept up my mouse into my warm embrace, and smiled with it as we looked onto the screen in awe at the “Download” button. At first I was a little deterred by this, I mean, they are just pictures, post the bloody things on the “article” you wrote. But hey, at least if I download I can have them to keep, right? Because the internet might disappear and these photos along with it, right? It’s not like I could go back to a previously visited web address to view these images for a second time…

Anyway, after the initial blow of the prospect of the coming images made us weak, but weak in the knees only, my mouse and I managed to coagulate our jelly knees and we honed in on the download button.

Post-haste, we clicked the download button the instant the cursor was in position, if only to give our racing hearts a break. Only, sob*, only to have our hearts broken!

Why the fuck wont it download?! None of the links do. Selena was only the first attempt, but certainly not the last failed. I have clicked on every download button (they should have just posted the images, seriously), on just about every “article” on this website, and have been rewarded with “503 Service Unavailable Error” and “500 Shit Something Has Gone Wrong, But What?” error codes.


A Little About Scandal Leaks : I would love to come back to this website at a later date and discover that I can now download error free. However, I honestly don’t think that will happen, just because, you know, downloading…maybe if it was a large video, but even then I prefer to stream (paid streaming of course, you know, like Netflix and Hulu).

Scan Leaks Webmaster responds:

we have submitted our site rss feed to ur website but you give our site 1 star rate, because of the error, but there is no error in the link given in our website, kindly check it again and there are 2 download links in each articles, one is for mediafire, nd other one is for mega, mega file sharing some time don’t open and gives error because mega only supports new and updated version of browsers, kindly check our site and download links again and give us a positive review, your review will help us. waiting for your positive response.

03/01/2015 : So we went back to scandal leaks and it didn’t show the video again on the one page we checked the one click we did did 3 pop ups and we were’nt game to download any files, sorry sandal leaks please let us know if you make any changes


Webmaster Name: Azam Khan
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: In conclusion, I think this website has a fair bit of potential, if only because they are dealing with celebrities, so their product is already well liked, they just have to get it to the public! Which, as far as the 503 and 500 state, isn’t happening. So, by default (their website didn’t really work) they get 1 star.

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