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Sorry, everyone, but we have another submission from the infamous link farm I have been reviewing in nearly a dozen other articles. You submit it, and as long as you have an RSS feed, I will review it. That’s the rules, and so here we go.

While it’s true that this is a new domain, I am willing to bet my virginity that this is owned and run by the same money hungry, link farming, time wasters that I have mentioned before. I’m confident in saying that because the douch-baggery tactics used to grab your attention, then gain your click (thus gaining traffic, thus page rank, thus advertisement, thus money). Lets get one thing straight, everyone is after money, but there is a right way and a wrong way, and this is most certainly the wrong way. Why is it the wrong way? Terrific question; iSchoolgirls From Japant’s wrong because they gain your click with the pretence of viewing the content displayed on the RSS. This doesn’t happen, and you will soon realise why I hate this link farm so god damn much, and hopefully you will avoid it all costs. Every click is a good click to these guys, and is worth something, so don’t do it, not even to see what I’m ranting about, just take my word for it.

Schoolgirls From Japan Adult rss feed:

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Here’s Extra Schoolgirls From Japan Feed Information:

On the RSS feed of this link farm you will find an image of a video, followed by a brief description of what you can expect to see in said video. When I found one that appealed to me I clicked the link for the video, and was redirected to schoolgirlsfromjapan. Once redirected I was left looking at the exact same image and description on the RSS feed. After clicking the link in the title of the page, I was redirected to…the exact same page. Turns out there is no such thing as a video on their website, only duplicate content of what they have on their RSS feed. I found another link on that page which was supposed to have the video, and was redirected to a completely different websites homepage, not the video, but the home page, and after some work I still couldn’t find the video I wanted. On top of all that, the website I was finally directed to that actually had videos (remember, there isn’t a single video on their website, just duplicate content) want me to either pay for the video, or start a subscription.
After all of this I gave up, having not only wasted my time, but also made quite angry. Not the experience I was hoping for. Because of this, I HATE link farms and their stupid websites of duplicate content and borderline false advertisement. The only reason it isn’t false advertisement is because I’m not paying for the websites services…but someone is. The people who pay for this shit to happen are the websites linked on the webpage, they pay for traffic to their website, and stupid fake videos like what schoolgirlsfromjapan do, gets the job done. If you don’t click the links, schoolgirlsfromjapan don’t get paid…SO DON”T CLICK THE LINKS!


A Little About Schoolgirls From Japan :

What would make me happy? The fucking video I wanted to watch! They can keep the stupid fucking link farm and the possibility of getting people clicking those links, which would be a much higher possibility had they anything on their website that someone wants. All I want is my video…sob.

Damn you, link farms! I will forever be your thorn!

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Site Hosting Country: United States
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  1. Samoto

    I went to the rss feed it actually looks not too bad these japanese chicks are hairy just the way I like them and they are all legal so its all good.

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