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Sex Blog

Johnys Sex Blog : is an incident based blog. The protagonist Johny Santangelo, sexy and funny, doesn’t have and want any permanent girlfriend. He is a free bird – looks for new girlfriend every week-end and finds one. Sometime, during week days, on the go, he stumbles across a chick and get lucky to have a quick fuck in a restaurant’s rest room. Or else, “Midweek Masturbation” is one of the greatest alternatives. He is Italian, born and grew up in America. On this erotic blog, he is going to talk about his sexy adventures and the “Eat Good & Fuck Good” philosophy of his life.

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What We thought of This Sex Blog Overall: is a sitcom blog starring protagonist Johny Santangelo who will takes you to sexysex blog adventure and makes you laugh with his whimsical sense of humor while fucking a blonde. Now if this is true it is a world first, but if we could write our reviews while fucking a blonde everybody would get 5 stars. We want to thank johny for this submission it was fantastic the feed was good and he even ran it through feed burner for us. The only reason johny didn’t score higher was he only updates once a month and, 2 not enough hard core sex, Ie pictures and movies. But really we have seen enough of this to last a life time. 3 1/2 stars well done johny. He also may yet get his feed in our feed we read section.


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