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Webmasters Own Score:1/2 Star (I reckon 2 stars)

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Sadly we cant get this feed to output here so here’s the link we hope you have better luck

Our Review Of Sexy Clips Website And Feed

Now here’s thesexy clips no porn this webmaster has blasted us with the term porn and porn site and sex and sex site. The problem is that’s not really what the site is about. It’s a fast loading site Ill give them that. But the bulk of the clips are from YouTube. Which as we all know doesn’t allow porn. As I clicked my way around I did discover that the clips were on the sexy side but still not what our audience looks for.

I must admit that they must have spent some time trying to find the sexy clips because It would really take some time to find the good stuff on YouTube. So in saying that I suppose it could be worth a sign up to the sexy rss feed. But the site has a problem. If you are looking for a mild feed with sexy clips you can find that here. They have also go spattering of porn in there. So if you want just porn you get the watered down sexy clips. We have given this a 2 stars but in reality stay away not enough porn and a confusing purpose.

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