Up Skirt Adventure Time

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Lets face it, men are perverts. It is impossible for us to look at a beautiful women and not instantly think about having sex with her. It isn’t because we are bad people, after all, we don’t actually have sex with any of them, as much as we might want to. And this is saying a lot about mankind in the present day. For millions of years our ancestors had sex with every single viable mate they could find. It was very important for them to do this, as you didn’t live very long, and so if you wanted your kids to continue the genetic chain, you needed a lot of them, as most would die before they get the chance. Sad, but it has to make you feel good about being alive today, in an age where if you have just one child, you still have a good chance that your genetics will continue on down the road of time.

Up Skirt Adventure Time

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Speaking of time, no, don’t worry, I am not going to start explaining the relationship between Time and the evolution of our sexual habits…unless, you want me to? No, ok.
Well then, speaking of time, imagine the time it must have taken to get some the videos in the Up Skirt category over at XHamster.com, I mean, these people have had to follow around beautiful women, which is itself not an easy task, not when they are already being watched by every male they happen by, but these people then have to get close enough to get a camera underneath their skirt!


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I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t even sneak a letter into a beautiful girls locker when I was at school, so to achieve this feat is truly ballsy. Of course, I hope they got caught and justice served, by none other than the Justice League, because it is invasion of privacy and all that right, right? Well, anyway, if you want to help the Justice League go through the mountains of evidence, just go and click on one of the videos at XHamster to get started, and mankind will be forever in your debt!
FYI there is no Justice League, sorry guys…

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