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You can’t watch porn these days without a cum scene. The video always ends with a cum cumming on his lady friends face, breasts or really anywhere. I guess this is because the largest demographic of people watching porn is young men, and young men want to imagine themselves as being the one in the video, and so when the guy in the video blows his load, the bloke at home can pretend it is him. Luckily though, for those of us that want to see the pleasure of the fairer sex, there is category called, Squirting! Squirting is exactly what it sounds like. A sexy lady sitting at home or in a studio, getting fucked by a group of guys or enjoying some solo masturbation, how they get their doesn’t matter, all that matters is that they have an explosive, squirting orgasm.

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Squirting Fun By XHamster

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Squirting is something that is becoming more popular in the pornographic world. Some women can squirt a stream of pleasure out of her orgasm box, putting the fire hose of men to shame. If you ever have to put out a raging fire, don’t rely on man semen like most people, grab a female, and bring her to an orgasm, that fire will be out in a jiffy.


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Check out some amazing squirting queens such as Jeanna Fine and the incredible Misty Johnson. See these girls shower their partner in their love juices and cover the sheets in liquid. If you love squirting as much as XHamster.com then you have come to the right place, as they offer you hundreds of squirting videos completely free, no log in, no email, and definitely no credit cards required, just pick the squirting video like, click on it, and the video will start to play instantly from your browser, all thanks to XHamster.

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