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This site is a kinky and exciting place with plenty of awesome articles and stories for those that want to get the kink on. Not many pictures but some real quality erotic writing you will love the stories and if your like to read then this site is for you.Stella Kink Kinky And Informative

Editors Notes:

StellaKiink is a terrific website devoted to creating unique original adult articles. This website is maintained by Stella Kiink herself, and seemingly all of the articles on this website were written by her. This adds a special touch to the articles that, as they are all created and perfected in the mind of one person, one person who is dedicated to creating good original content, not a person who is only interested in pleasing their boss.


That being said, everything is about money, so you can expect a bit of product placement and advertisement on the site. But never did I feel the article was overrun with advertisement.

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What We thought of Stella Kink Kinky And Informative Overall:

Stella Kiink gives you a great insight into her life through her articles, with the category Life Ramblings.

Not everything on this website was done by Stella, such as some of the content in the Poetry, Erotic Fan fiction category. But these articles are just as well written.

Her other categories are Who am I, Guests, Memes, e[lust], My Pictures, and What’s Their Story.


The only category I’m disappointed in is the Memes. There doesn’t seem to be any…If you click on the Meme category you will find yourself looking at a couple of random pictures…While pictures can be a meme, a meme is defined by “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Taking photos of random crap could be considered a meme (thanks instagram), however, the image itself isn’t by default a meme.

Either that, or, the meme category is empty and those pictures are just there to fill the space.


A Little About Stella Kink Kinky And Informative : 

The only other thing I didn’t really like, which doesn’t reflect on the content whatsoever, is the auto load of more content once you reach the bottom of the page. I prefer to have my information in smaller ordered bites, kind of like a newspaper, rather than having it endlessly handed to me, kind of a never ending scroll. But that’s arbitrary, and probably an unpopular opinion, so whatever.


In conclusion, I don’t mind this website. I believe Stella Kiink is genuinely just trying to write some good articles, and isn’t interested in what “the man” says she needs to be a “successful” website (copious SEO and manipulative tactics designed to trick a search engine into thinking your website has good and relevant content for the search query. And not a website that is just black hat SEO).

I look forward to coming back to this website in a year or so and see how Stella’s website has changed in relation to the times.

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