Stocking Fetish and Fun

There is something about a women in stockings that just drives a man wild. You would think that his desire would be to rip them off and marvel at the naked legs of his partner. But it is the opposite, blokes want to get women into them, and for good reason, the same reason in fact that women look good in a nice dress, or adorned in jewelry, it makes them look damn beautiful and adds a kind of artistic appeal to the flesh.

Stocking Fetish and Fun

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You have probably heard the saying “leave something to the imagination”, well, this is true, but it isn’t really the imagination that is the appeal, after all, we all know what legs look like, and a skin tight fabric isn’t going to change that. No, it is more of a beautification extra. This desire to see the sexy seam line of a pair of stockings making its way up a long legged female may stem from us being genetically predisposed to like the extra clothing. Perhaps, in the past, extra clothing that was worth for the sole purpose of looking good was a clear indication of some ones social statues, meaning that if you saw a lady walk down the street with stocking on, it meant that she was a perfect catch, not only beautiful, but also well off economically, ingraining a disposition towards women who wear stocking, to better our genetic chain and increase the chances our offspring have at a promising future. If this is the case, it is no surprise we love ourselves a bit of unnecessary clothing when thinking about sex…this is my guess anyway.


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If you aren’t interested in why we love them, but agree that they are a gift from the gods (not literally, of course) then check out the massive range of stocking videos at XHamster.come for free!

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