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There are a very bizarre gay collection. I collect straight men’s faces when they lose their anal virginity! Don’t you shock? is a website dedicated to showing you the pleasure and pain on the faces of young men being deflowered. How do you deflower a man? What the hell is deflower you ask? All good questions, and the easiest way to answer them is just to show you, and you can click Here to see for yourself. But for those of you who aren’t brave enough to adventure on wards without knowing a little more about what you will find, stay tuned…or, stay reading? Whatever.


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I am sure you can all guess what deflowering is to a flower, it is to deprive, or strip off the flower petals, destroying the flower, thus de-flowering it. Now, you have probably herd the saying attributed to female virgins losing their virginity, because you are destroying their virginity, but you can’t exactly say de-virgin, and flowers are nice and pretty like girls are, thus, deflowering. And so, the smarter of you would be thinking to deflower a male is for him to lose his virginity, and you would be correct. however isn’t interested in something as trivial to a male that though, as there are no physical changes in the male, like there are when you break the hymen of a female virgin. So, as to not be outdone by the ladies, is dedicated to showcasing anal defloration, the loss of anal virginity.



The first thing you will notice on their website is the many faces of young men in a kind of midway phase between pleasure and pain as they are being deflowered. Anyone who has done anal sex knows it be quite painful to start off with, and even more so for your first time, and the faces of these gentlemen describe it all. But, if you look carefully you can also see the mask of pleasure on their face, and the look of wanting more.

if you are a fan of anal defloration niche, then this website has done something that will change your life forever, or at least, your personal life. So stop reading my exacerbated descriptions, and my unpopular opinions, and click a link to find what you have been missing out on.

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