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Webmasters Own Rating: 5 Stars (Nope 2 max)

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What We thought of Teen DOlls Overall:

Teen dolls is one of those cookie cutter tube sites we always review, this one we thought would be different because it has an awesome name. We tested the feed and as you can see its Teen DOllsquiet a good one, all different titles but as we popped on through we had pop ups galore it was a real problem for us and probably for you. Basically you couldn’t get away from the bastards. The webmaster is only trying to earn some cash but they are doing it by endangering out mental stability. The pop-ups annoyed the fuck out of us.

Because it uses most of the same content as all the other tubes but with extra popups I probably wouldn’t go there or sign up to the feed. I suppose if you like teen etc this may be for you but I bet they aren’t all teen videos. I couldn’t be bothered checking because the popups and advertising was pissing me off. Even though I had my trusty adbloker doing the job. Stay clear of this one. 1.5 stars.


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Site Hosting Country: United States
Web: http://teendolls.us/
Short Words To describe Site: new,teen,porn,coed,amateur,girlfriend,ex-girlfriend
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