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This website is a teen porn blog. It seems odd reviewing a website that isn’t involved in videos, and is actually really refreshing. As a rich man might say” eating caviar is great, but eat it every night, and soon you will crave a $5 burger”. At least, that’s what imagine they would say, but I can create a quote from my own experiences, here goes “Go to the cinema and you will have a grand time, go to the cinema every night, and you’ll learn to hate explosions”, whatever. What I’m trying to say is, regardless of how much you prefer to watch videos, it’s healthy for a different stimuli from time to time, or else your favourite past time will become a before bed chore.


Teen fucks is a great place to go to get that extra tasty stimuli as an entree for your normal main course. This website has been doing sexy teen blogs since, as far as I can tell, October 2011. They seem to release a new article/teen every couple of days. That gives you about 500 articles/teens to check out, and with the RSS feed, you get to stay up to date as they bring new ones out.

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Teen fucks has some of the most gorgeous teens to have every lived, I swear! These teens are fucking themselves, or their partner, for your viewing pleasure, so don’t let this good will gesture go unloved.


There are one or two things I would like to complain about, as is my nature. The first thing is lack of quantity. Yes, I know I only just mentioned the 500 odd articles, but on each article there is only one or two pictures, more often than not, one picture. So as far as a picture gallery is concerned, it’s kind of lame. As far as an article directory is concerned, it’s not toooo bad.

Second, there is no obvious links to the picture source, for those who want more than one picture of the teen. However, there are imbedded links within the pictures, leading to a different website, where you can then pay to download the video from where the pictures originated from…this leads me to believe that the purpose of this blog is as a link farm for the website where the video is hosted (I’m not going to mention them, as it will give them PR on google), making Teen Fuck the middle man. Anyone who has every work in management before will know that the middle man is a waste of time, designed to gain more from a system. In this case the system is search engines, and your clicks are the money.

A Little About Teen Fucks :

In conclusion, this website is a nice change, but I wouldn’t use it, only because Google images does a better job, and is much easier to use, and because I know I can just skip this middle man and go straight to the source…although, they want me to pay for the video…so probably not. But that’s just me, I still recommend you check it out if you’re the type of person who normally only watches videos.


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