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We’ve taken the liberty of reviewing the top 5 pocket pussies on the market, and letting you know what we thought. Check out this website to find a toy that’s suited to your needs.

Editors Note: is a website that reviews, of course, Pocket Pussies. Pocket pussies is a creative name for male masturbators. Most male masturbators are made from silicone and are shaped to look like a vagina. Pocket pussies are the male equivalent of the female vibrator.


Male masturbators are incredibly popular world wide, as men, regardless of where you go in the world, love to play with their junk.

Due to this, you would expect there to be a well know “best” male masturbator. But are you really to trust the retailer’s opinion? Surely they only wish to sell you the most expensive toy. That’s where comes in. They have reviewed a bunch of pocket pussies and published their results for you to peruse. Find out what they say are the ‘Top 5 Pocket Pussies’, as well as some other interesting information regarding these male pleasure devices. Rss Feed:

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What We thought of Overall:

As a businessmen of sorts, I’m a little confused as to the purpose of this website.

Sure, it could just be fan made, but websites cost money to keep active.

Perhaps it’s an affiliate of a sex shop, and they get a percentage of sales for every customer they bring to their shop. I don’t think so though, because there is very little advertisement, and no links leading to a retail shop.

If this website was made out of their pure love for male masturbators, and they intend on not make a cent from it, simply to inform the public…then I call bullshit on that.

This makes me think that this website was created in order to get free merchandise in exchange for a review, and the two advertisements are to pay for the hosting fees. But I don’t know about that either, as I can’t see Fleshlight handing over one of their $150 masturbators for a review on this website, especially without a link leading to a shop front where they could possibly get a sale. Mainly because this website is only 1 month old with almost no page rank/authority at all.

To tell you the truth, I’m shocked at the sheer number of people who send their brand new websites to review, just so that they can get a link from me… One link isn’t worth a bad review, and brand new websites are almost always terrible. This one isn’t much different.


There is a bit of content on this website, but considering they aren’t selling a product, they’re purely an information content website, they are going to need more. I would suggest they start collecting a data base of male masturbators and links to retailers where you can buy the products they recommend. Maybe even some trivia or interesting masturbation/sex facts page.

A Little About :

There isn’t much on Toppocketpussies so far. Just a description of what Pocket Pussies are, and a list of the ‘Top 5 Pocket Pussies’. Perhaps this is where the webmaster wants to leave it. If that’s the case, why send it to be reviewed? No, I think this is just another misguided case of someone submitting their website trying to gain some SEO weight from my site a little too early on in their career. Unfortunately, they’re getting a pretty average review for their 1 month old website…and this review will last for a very long time, and links are worth less and less with ever Google update.


As for the website content. What can I say? Someone has written their opinions on male masturbators , which is the purpose of the site, so that’s good. The links in the header seem to work, by which I mean, four links on this website work… Most of the links lead you to the same place you already are. For example, clicking the ‘Shop Now’, ‘Watch Video’, and ‘Visit Store’ links on The Autoblow 2 review all lead to the exact same place…they lead to The Autoblow 2 review.


This is why people need to spend more time on their website, rather than trying to send it off for Black Hat SEO links.


In Conclusion:

This website is free to view, which is nice, but so is Youtube and Google. Someone is paying for this website, and they need to kick their webmaster into gear. Forget trying to manipulate your way to getting bad links, and start fixing your own links, adding more of a user friendly environment. (I recommend

Toppocketpussies isn’t going to get anywhere fast. They have reviewed a few Male masturbators. You can see thousands of reviews for these products online from just about any retailer. None of the links on this website seem to work, besides a very select few. The images on this website seem to have been copied and pasted with the old websites ‘Read More’ and ‘Shop Now’ Tags still on them (If the webmaster put these tags on the images, then these are just another broken link, as they don’t work).

(I’m not particularly surprised the image they uploaded to this article is broken as well)

Just to reiterate, broken links all over the place; duplicate images, or broken links in images; No more than five product reviews, with no links (broken) leading to retail shop; one 2 minute video for one product; Links lead you in a circle; No logo, bad website layout. All in all, just another brand new website that shouldn’t have been submitted to me for review…I can be a real bitch, so bring your A game.



Webmaster Name: Nathan Perry
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: Pocket Pussy

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