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A Little About Up Skirt Celebrity Rss Feed : Oh yes readers as a category we can get a few awesome feeds for your enjoyment but we thought hang on, what is it that everyone is interested in. Yep its celebrity upskirt shots. Everyone wants to look at a famous celbs knickers, well secretly at least. That’s where this feed comes in it gives you awesome shots by dedicated paparazzi photographers. These dudes are just waiting for the moment to grab that shot. While a lot of these shots have carefully placed stars and shading, in some cases you cant fully see the good parts but that is the price you pay for a glimpse at stars knickers.

Up Skirt Celebrity Rss Feed Adult rss feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/CelebDirtyLaundryUpskirt

Up Skirt Celebrity Rss Feed

What We saw At This Celebrity Up Skirt Feed

This feed is constantly updated with awesome picture, providing amazing shots of super famous ladies knickers at just that moment they are exposed. It is not easy to get these shots because the starlets simply do not like to expose their knickers for you to see (well some of them anyway).

On the day we checked the feed we had famous Miley Cyrus flashing her gash to a startled but extremely happy Liam Hemsworth. Then we get a good old look at the world famous Kate Hudson’s knickers (complete with added star) as she gets into her car, this may be the reason these starlets should wear pants, it negates the opportunity of up skirt shots.

Now if that wasn’t enough famous flashing knickers shots for you on this day we also have the super awesome Britney Spears knickers as she gets into a car wearing a short dress. Now finally we have the one and only Paris Hilton, obviously this one is the not sure if it was an accident category, she was shot out and about in Beverly Hills and just caught at the wrong moment as the wind hit her dress.

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