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A Little About Vidz Tube Site : Vidz tube site is the focus of this review we were looking for a quality site with constant rss feed updates and we reckon we have found an awesome one to review today. For this review our team spent some time on this site, so before we review the feed lets talk about Vidz Tube Site. If you want to skip to the write up we have made it easy to get the adultrss feed, click the link below.

Vidz Tube Site Adult rss feed:

What We liked About Vidz Tube Site

Well quiet frankly every thing, most of these tube sites have a total smash of advertising not vidz at the time we visited the site there were no pop ups and just the 2 adds at the side and bottom. We are actually recommending this site to our sister website

Vidz Tube Site

The clips loaded fast and it automatically adjusted the quality of the video to our bandwidth or maybe it just the way they are formatted, but the video load fast and nothing was downloaded onto our test computer. You didn’t have to close popup and when you scrolled through the clip the video did not hang. There are absolutely thousands and thousands of pron clips on this site.

Our Thought On Vidz Tube Site Feed

Now for the rss feed we only had one problem with this feed and that was its massive size we tested it in feed burner and slick rss and if we didn’t control the number of allowed items it would of overwhelmed our reader. It seems to be constantly updated and will really suit a mobile device, for those that want porn on the move. So to be thorough we tested it on a smart phone over wifi and was sadly a bit slow to load but once it did the clip played without a problem and was worth a bookmark. For our rating we are giving this site 4/5 because of the lack of pop ups and the speed of loading in our opinion if you like tube site and who doesn’t this is the one for you.

Webmaster Name: JC
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: Vidz Tube Site ,

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Security Check:

When We run vidz through securi Check these are the warnings we got but our virus program did not find any problems, it looks like the warning is for pornography , no surprise there please visit with care we loved the site though.

vidz tub site waring


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  1. Bill

    Well I seen the warning and checked out the site, it looks like the warning was old my virus program didn’t pick anything up. Oh by the way it was awesome fast loading everything that was covered, good news is the PORN warning is still valid there shitloads of it…

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