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Since the introduction of the commercial computer, and thanks to the ever present Moore’s law catapulting the processing ability of computers into the what we now consider average abilities, masturbating is easier than ever. But don’t be fooled, computers have come a very long way very quickly. One of the first Personal Home Computers or PC’s cost around $10,000 and had less computing capability than your modern day thermostat. The 1951 UNIVAC cost more than $1million and only had the memory capacity to store 1000 twelve digit words in delay lines, which is without a doubt pathetic to our standards today. Let me make that a little easier to understand; The UNIVAC does 1905 operations per second, while your average home computer with a 2.8Ghz processor can do 2.8billion operations per second! mind blowing isn’t it! And thanks to this incredible speed and growth in computing power, we quickly, in only one generation, became addicted to the benefits, one of which being the unlimited connect ability with anyone around the world, any time, anywhere, this is a first in human history, never have we been so joined together, to watch each other masturbate.

Webcam Revolution At Xhamster

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If our ancestors knew we had the computing powers to rival any God, the ability to find all of the information of our collective species in our pockets, and the answer to any question you can think of, producing millions of results, with just a quick google. They would think us nothing less than on the first step to god-like beings. Of course, we would think the same of our descendants with their fancy implants that allow then to control the world around them. And i would guess that they would do the same with their advanced technology as we do with ours today…masturbate, a lot.


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Webcams I am sure were invented with the idea of peer to peer contact for families to keep in touch and to help business and medial professionals share their data through a more personal medium. After all, the internet was invented by scientist to help them share data with each other, masturbation wasn’t, believe it or not, the main driving point behind the idea. But lo and behold, humans!

Once we discovered we could connect with strangers from all over the planet, get dirty with them through a none physical medium, then never see them again for the rest of your life, all inhibitions were thrown out the door, and the internet as we know it today as formed. Now you can’t ‘surf’ the ‘web’ (wow, i feel old just typing that) without a pair of breasts or a penis being displayed on your screen. Most are complaining however, as that is what most people use the internet for. And why not? Before the internet you couldn’t be yourself without the threat of being shunned by your community or family, but now you can whoever you want online and be someone else around your peers. The internet would be one of the greatest character building, self finding, intellectually stimulating part of human evolution. Most people in the 19th century and early 20th century thought that the 21st century would the age of Power, they thought by now we would have the power of the sun! But, that’s is not the way history went, we went in another direction, and I like to call it the Information Age! Now, you can know everything man has ever learnt, just putting your hand in your pocket and doing a search on your ‘smart’ phone! And we are much better off because of it. What good is power, if society is scientifically illiterate, if no one is capable of learning?

So don’t feel bad about sitting at home on your incredible machine pumping out billions of computations per second, on your thin computer monitor made active by the manipulation of sub-atomic particles and the electro-magnetic field, with your 10 mega pixel webcam rivalling the photoreceptors of the sharpest eyes in the animal kingdom, just to look at some stranger play with themselves, as it is only fitting to do so, as PC’s are our bitch, so is the electromagnetic field, and anything else the universe wants to challenge us with. And not because we have power, but because we have information, and we wouldn’t have that information if everyone didn’t jump on the masturbation highway that is, the internet! is a great example of what can be accomplished today. They have thousands of videos available to you completely free, for you to watch instantly on from your browser, no download necessary, no log in needed, no credit cards required. Just easy to view, unlimited porn, brought to you from the intelligence of human kind!

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