Whale Tailn Is A Panty Lovers dream

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A Little About Whale Tailn : well we have all seen them strolling down the road.  Hot sexy sluts with the T-back of their black panties hanging out the back of their low cut tight blue jeans. You know they look just like a whale’s tail these very public panty displays beckon your drooling eyes down below, to that perfectly rounded ass and the deep wanting crack crevice that leads you to the wildest, dirtiest and wettest fuck-holes you will ever find!  This is like a map to sunken treasures made out of lingerie bottoms and her wild and accepting attitude toward sex with strangers , you.

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Whale Tailn

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  • One of the first things that will strike you about this beautiful blond babe Briana Blair is her huge pair of natural and awesome boobs! Because natural tits don’t come much better than this, they are heavy, round but without any hint of sag or stretchies.
  • Well if you’ve never heard of the term whale tail before, here’s what it means it’s when a starlet has her jeans pulled down and her thong riding high. miss Jackie Daniels is a ebony haired harlot who looks fucking incredible when she’s bending over and showing off her anus.Big Titted Asian MILF Kayme Kai is wearing the classic whale tail – a firm pair of jeans slung low so that the top of her gstring pokes out the top. It’s extremely sexy and extremely slutty, a provocative challenge to any man who sees the top of her butt hole.
  • Little sexy Jennifer White’s car just went boobs up on her and the worst part is her cell just died too! As she’s bending over the hood, that unmistakable hot pink thong peeks out. Hello to you too, you sexy-butt Whale Tail! Fuck, half the titillation is in the tease! See how her thong snakes down her white milky white ass.

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