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Editors Note: 

(Don’t go to xhamster.Itubexxx.com until you have read the rest of this article, otherwise you will be very dissapointed.)


Itubexxx.com is a German website dedicated to bringing you the very best the internet has to offer in the sex videos niche.

Thanks to Moores Law, these days we can simply click “Translate” on a website that’s not in our native language. This means you aren’t restricted to only websites from your country, or, to websites that have personally translated their content.

So don’t let the fact that it’s German deter you from checking out the videos they have.

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What We thought of Xhamster.itubexxx – Porntube Sex Amateurtube  Overall:

Ok, before we go any further, there is something seriously dodgy going on here.

These guys definitely aren’t Xhamster, or porntube, or any of the other websites they have snuck into their name/title. Perhaps they just think a title is the same as meta tag?

The templates for the videos didn’t load for me, I assumed something went wrong while it was translating. However, I have refreshed the page a dozen times in both the English translated tab I had open, and the original German tab, alas, to no avail.

That’s ok, sometimes things go wrong with code or the hosting website, so I decided to take a note and continue.

This is where it gets weird. After clicking on a link to a video from their home page, I was redirected to the sub-domain with the video on it, very standard stuff. I notice the template to the video on this sub-domain is also broken. I was a little dubious at this point, but the 530,000 views on this video alone reassured me somewhat.


A Little About Xhamster.itubexxx – Porntube Sex Amateurtube : 

Lo-and-behold the video was also broken…every single video I clicked on was broken!

To make matters a googolplex worse, the broken video “Play” buttons are links redirecting you to a completely different website, totally unrelated to the video, aside from it also being porn! I can’t describe to you how much this pissed me off. I hate nothing more than stupid, dirty, time wasting tactics like this, just to get a fucking traffic to a shit website…

And no, you can’t watch any videos on that website either…not without a credit card.


Xhamster.com is one of the best free-streaming porn collections that has ever graced the internet. xhamster.itubexxx.com is by far the worst website…I mean, you can’t even enjoy the templates of the videos!


Normally I would just think there is something wrong with their code that is preventing the videos and images from being displayed. But when you get redirected from pressing the main play button on the video…that tells me this website is part of a link farm for dirty little black-hat SEO dudes.


If I’m wrong, I encourage Itubexxx to reply to this article and point out where I went wrong. But, I doubt I’m the issue here.

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Site Hosting Country: United States
Web: http://www.xhamster.itubexxx.com
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