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Let’s not muck around we know that everybody knows about but not many can find their Youporn rss feed. Obviously they didn’t need to submit to our little site, but for the benefit of our visitors we just had to find their feed and give you a run down of what we thought of their offering. Is but with pornYouporn rss is the you tube of porn and constantly known for being in the top 100 websites visited on the internet. While we didn’t have to we turned off our ad blocker for our visit, not our first might I add, and while there are adds every where they weren’t driving us crazy with pop ups.

Every time we go to youporn we discover something new but we were missing that one ingredient to make it our most favourite site on the internet and that was the youporn rss feed. Quite frankly there is nothing we can say other then it is a fantastic site and we give it 4.5 stars, the clips were good and the site was laid out amazingly. They even had this little trick where the clip you were watching follows you as you scroll “loved It”.

Youporn Rss Feed

You Can find the feed at

And we have the last 5 items bellow

Basically the feed was good and we really loved the fresh updates the one problem we found was that the feed was not available for certain categories.

For instance If I liked midgets I couldn’t sign up for the youporn rss midget feed I had to take all the latest clip feed and there are quite literally a bazillion.

So as far as awesome websites with free porn goes youporn is probably our favourite but with the one rss feed it loses a bit of its wonder. Hopefully one day they can add a category feed an make my midget rss dream come true.


  1. Billy

    You guys may as well stop reviewing the other sites, this one fukn rocks, prob won’t be back to read your shit reviews after this Ill be spending all my time enjoying you porn

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